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Inside Edge Elegy banner featuring the painting "Famine" 1904 by John Charles Dollman (1851-1934)
Black and white photograph of Disley Scout Hut, where the band Inside Edge began rehearsing.
Disley Scout Hut, The Evolution Begins

The Evolution Begins

The evolution begins covers the Elegy era.

Inside Edge began its formation in 1985 when bassist Nigel placed an advert in the Rhythm House Music Centre, a music shop on Hillgate, Stockport, just around the corner from the iconic Strawberry Studios.

Carl, a drummer from Disley, replied to the advert and Nigel and Carl started rehearsing.

Soon after Mike, a guitarist from Marple, joined Nigel and Carl and the core of the band was formed. This creative core would remain unchanged. Nigel, Carl, and Mike began regular rehearsals at a Scout Hut in Disley (pictured).

The band name of Inside Edge was proposed by guitarist Mike and the identity of the band was born. Further down the line, Stuart Adamson of Big Country would ask if we were cricket fans!

Inside Edge debut single cover "Elegy".
Inside Edge – Elegy Image: “Famine” 1904 by John Charles Dolman (1851-1934)

The Elegy Era

As the song writing and rehearsals progressed a singer, Ray from Salford, was recruited after auditioning for the role of vocalist.

The four-piece band was now complete and ready to play their first live gigs. The early set lists included the songs ‘Pink Revolver’ and ‘Ghosts’.

An early Inside Edge gig photograph taken at Stockport College Students Union circa 1986
Mike and Ray – Stockport College SU circa 1986

Debut Gig

Inside Edge’s debut gig was at Marple Liberal Club in 1986, as a support act.

After a successful outing, further gigs followed at Stockport College, Manchester Refectory, and Stockport Market Place venues such as The Boars Head and Edgerton Arms.

Stockport Market Place was a vibrant live music nucleus with several pub venues showcasing regular live music.

Photograph taken at Spirit Studios, Manchester 1986 showing Mike and the sound engineer.
Spirit Studios, Manchester

Pink Revolver

With several live gigs under their belt and a small following, Inside Edge were ready to record their debut demo.

The debut two-track demo was recorded in June 1986 at Spirit Studios, Manchester, and featured the songs ‘Pink Revolver’ and ‘Ghosts’.

 Gill Mullarkey of the Stockport Messenger wrote in a review:

Vague echoes of a by-gone Joy Division era with heavy emphasis on pounding drum and guitar beats”

Gill Mullarkey, Stockport Messenger

Picture of a blank Twilight Studios demo cassette tape
Twilight Studios, Salford

Twilight Studios

In early 1987 Inside Edge recorded their second demo, this time at Twilight Studios in Salford with Frank Walsh at the mixing desk.

The demo featured the tracks ‘Elegy’ and ‘Equinox’

Inside Edge photograph circa 1986 taken at Lyme park, Disley.
Inside Edge 1986 (l to r) Mike, Ray, Carl & Nigel

Battle of the Bands

The Twilight Studios recording session was quickly followed by Inside Edge entering the Battle of the Bands competition, in March 1987.

The competition was based at the venue Cloud 9 in Manchester, and featured dozens of bands over a three-month period.

In May 1987, Inside Edge won the Battle of the Bands competition and were featured in regional and local press such as the Manchester Evening News, Stockport Messenger, and Salford City Reporter.

Inside Edge press cutting from May 1987 with a band photograph taken in Lyme Park, Disley.
Press Cutting – May 1987

Manchester Rain

Inside Edge then entered the studio again to record a further demo.

This time the studio was Commercial Studios, Manchester, and the tracks were ‘Manchester Rain’ and ‘Love Kills’.

The band were unhappy with the production of the demo and subsequently remixed the recordings of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Manchester Rain’ with Frank Walsh at Twilight Studios in Salford.

Inside Edge debut single cover "Elegy".
Inside Edge single “Elegy”.
Image: “Famine” 1904 by John Charles Dolman (1851-1934)

Debut Single

Inside Edge were ready to release their first single, a double A-Side of ‘Elegy’ and ‘Equinox’, from the recording session at Twilight Studios early in 1987.

The 7” single was cut at Utopia Studios in London.

After numerous gigs, several studio sessions, winning the Battle of the Bands competition, and about to release their debut single, a disagreement emerged.

The outcome of the disagreement was that vocalist Ray left the band, and this ultimately allowed Inside Edge to evolve and cement its creative core made up of Carl, Mike and Nigel.

Inside Edge band name Banner from The Colours You Paint Me era.
Mike - Guitar & Backing Vocals, black and white photograph taken in the rehearsal studio of Inside Edge with the shadow of a child's tri-cycle in the background


Guitar & Backing Vocals

Nigel - Bass & Keyboards, black and white photograph taken in the rehearsal studio of Inside Edge with the shadow of a child's tri-cycle in the background


Bass & Keyboards

Carl - Drums, black and white photograph taken in the rehearsal studio of Inside Edge with the shadow of a child's tri-cycle in the background




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